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About our VOSB Designation


Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) is a company diversity registration designated under the Veteran Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006 (Public Law 109-461). Registration ensures that companies qualify for preferential procurement for federal contracts if they are owned and controlled by Veterans.

This certification is non-industry specific and requires that the firm meets the small business requirements established by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Additionally, it requires that the company is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by a veteran.

Development of Security Standards

Archwell Health, Tennessee




Archwell Health is in the process of deploying primary care facilities for seniors across the United States. In order to accomplish this, the client requested a standardized approach to implementing security that would guide construction during a multi-facility deployment.



Theseus developed escalating security standards, low to high, to be used as a guideline when designing and building the facilities based on a CAP index score. Compiled metrics were instrumental in applying a rating of low, medium, or high to each location. 

Sites determined to be low and medium rated were part of the standard construction design and implementation. High rated locations were individually evaluated by the Theseus team to develop security measures that required high-level mitigations that were site specific.

Example compliance assessment included (from unrelated project):

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Archwell Health has successfully rolled out a healthcare services expansion plan that delivers top-tier healthcare in safe and secure facilities, locally available to senior communities. The security standards that Theseus developed provided the Archwell project management team with the resources to direct the design team implement the strategy and complete each project successfully.



Security Program Development

Theseus Professional Services delivers custom, manufacturer agnostic engineered security solution designs to meet the unique needs of clients. Our team of professional security engineers and consultants meticulously assess and engineer solutions that protect staff, visitors, assets, and property creating safe and secure education facilities, workplaces, and healthcare facilities.



Theseus provides comprehensive engineering services using proven platforms and strategic systems that ensure the utmost safety, security and superior functioning of your facilities. Constantly in close communication with representatives from all physical security-related industries, our extensive field expertise ensures you comply with all phases of the security system life cycle.



And we go beyond meeting minimum requirements by conducting audits, risk assessments and peer reviews to help clients exceed industry standards. We serve clients in a wide range of fields, always with an eye for detail and personalized service, because we understand the importance you place on operating your organization at peak performance now and into the future.



Theseus offers a broad range of security consulting services for planned developments, new construction, and existing facilities. Our services include consultation during site selection and master planning, as well as during the traditional design, construction administration, and post-occupancy phases.



The physical security systems design phase of a project transforms the established security program into a fully coordinated and constructible design package. Theseus routinely works with owners, owner’s representatives, architects, engineers, and construction managers to provide a design that is low risk, effective and meets the regulatory and customer needs.



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